Utah Gun Owners Alliance is not the largest gun rights organization in Utah.  We're certainly not the richest.  But we are the most fearless and uncompromising when it comes to combatting politicians who want to take away our rights. We've accomplished a lot so far (see the 2000 Legislative Report for details), but there's a lot more that needs to be done.

"I sat and watched Sarah Thompson dig her heels in and dictate the change in the law that had to occur before she would allow (it) to go forward with her blessing," Jones said. "It passed last night at the last minute because the gun rights people other there were scaring to death the Republican legislators. I watched it. It was just amazing."                                    Rep. Dave Jones, SL Tribune, 3/3/00

Utah Gun Owners Alliance needs YOUR help!  We are wholly dependent on the financial support of people like you.  We are equally dependent on your active involvement in our fight to protect our rights.

Liberty is not free! Web sites, reports, flyers, voting guides, mailings, phone calls, faxes, etc. cost money! Without your generous support, we will not be able to continue our efforts to protect, preserve and restore our gun rights.

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